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Day 03: Top 5 Pet Peeves

Shot during CA faculty and staff outing. They are not my pet peeve at all. Hehe

My pet peeves seem absurd when I think about it, but when the moment presents itself, I really get annoyed. 😣😝😩😠

5. Toothpaste tubes pressed EVERYWHERE. I want my toothpaste tube to be pressed from the bottom (where the content ends)… not in the middle…definitely not near the opening of the tube. 😬

4. Spoon and fork not properly set aside after eating. It irks me to see those utensils as if they were dropped from a high place and came crashing on to the plate. Huhu. 🍽

3. Littering. I really hate it when I see people just throwing their trash on the sidewalk or anywhere but the trash can. I especially get irritated when a parent tells his/her child to just throw their trash on the sidewalk. I’ve witnessed this a lot of times, even though there is a trash can in view. 🗑

2. When people don’t know how to fall in line or wait for their turn. My ears turn red with this one.  The end of the line is very clear, then someone will just casually walk in front of you and overtake you on the line. I always say, “Excuse me, the end of the line is back there.” I encountered a lady in her mid-thirties (just a guess) who replied, “Anong pake ko?” I replied that she should act her age and that she should be a good example to young people like me.  She turned red and went away.  Ha. 😩😧

1. When the bus stops IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD AND THE DRIVER TELLS YOU TO GO DOWN FAST.  This gets me ALL THE TIME. Buses here in Metro Manila just stop anywhere they want. In the middle of Commonwealth Ave? EDSA? No problem! They don’t care if their passengers will get smashed by a vehicle. As long as the person is out of the bus, it’s not their responsibility anymore. I almost got hit by vehicles numerous times. When I’m not tired, I woulda really demand to be taken down at the bus stop on the side of the road. I honestly hope that our government can start doing public transpo reforms. Hayyyyyyy. 😣😥😑

So much for pet peeves. I hate thinking about these things. Nakaka-stress. Also, did you notice how my paragraph gets long as I progress to number 1? Haha. Tama na, guys. 😂