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Day 06: Zodiac sign personality

I do not believe in zodiac signs. I have read some predictions for the day according to zodiac sign in newspapers and tweets. I usually just find it entertaining to read, but I don’t take it too seriously. For the fun of it, I looked up my daily horoscope. I’m an Aries, btw.


Well, this happens to everyone… It’s just too general. 😣

Anyway, let’s now look at what the personality of an Aries should be. 

Strengths and Weaknesses: I can compare these personalities to Peter the Apostle. He is very compassionate yet impuslive. He said he would never deny Jesus, yet he did so three times during Jesus’ trial. I tend to be moody and impatient especially during that *time of the month*…and I am trying my best not to make that an excuse. The struggle is real!!! I also tend to be somehow impulsive when it comes to travelling, eating, and buying stationery stuff. On the other hand, I am more passive-aggressive rather than just aggressive. I tend to fight back with silence, which is also not a good way to address issues.

I do believe I am determined, enthusiastic, passionate, and honest most of the time. I honestly have confidence issues (there’s my honesty haha). I tend to see myself lower than others. I do try to believe in what the Bible says, that my identity is in Christ… I can say that I’ve gone a really long way from my low-confidence self. I’m thankful to all those who stuck through that phase of mine. I’m still a work in progress.

Likes: I love comfy clothes. I don’t really care if my clothes are not trendy, as long as it’s comfy. However, I do love to dress fashionably in a tiis-ganda way occasionally. As for leadership roles, I do not see myseld in a leadership role initially (again, confidence issues), but I learned that God can actually use introverts like me to lead. I am initially content with working away from the limelight, but being in the limelight strikes a balance of confidence and humility for me. As for physical activities, I am currently not involved in any sport…and I honestly want to start a physical activity this month. So help me, God.

Dislikes: amen to not liking work that does not use one’s talent. I asked the Lord to give me work that will be able to utilize and improve my talents and skills. It was also what my parents told me. They supported me when I decided to take up Music Education as long as I will see myself doing it in the future without any regrets. I am beyond grateful to be a full-fledged music teacher. I can be somehow patient with delays. As for inactivity, I do tend to find something that I can do when I don’t have anything to do. I usually read a book or write random stuff. 

That’s it. I still don’t believe in zodiac signs because I can change over time. Also, God is continually at work in my life. I won’t be perfect in this lifetime, but I hope I live a life that will please God and inspire others. ☄