Day 01: Current Relationship

I’m typing this blog while inside the bus en route to Camayan Beach Resort, Subic with my CA family. 😊 

I decided to do this 30-day blog challenge when I saw Reis’ blog post. This is something that I can do during the 3-week semi-break (looking at you, UP) to prevent idleness.

DAY 01: Current relationship

I believe this talks about romantic relationships. Funny thing though is that the challenge only tells you to discuss something if single. How about the others? Haha. Nonethless, I will discuss my current relationship…at wala kayong magagawa *pabebe voice*.

I am currently in a relationship. Honestly, this relationship is not my ideal relationship because it is actually better than what I have in mind. His name is George Suguipit. He is my total opposite — outgoing, multilingual (Bisaya, Ilokano, Tagalog, English, Manobo, etc.), oido musician (plays music by ear), always on-the-go, laughs so LOUD (not exaggerating), and loves lechon. He is the youngest among 9 siblings. He is a pastor, all his 4 brothers are pastors and all his 4 sisters are Bible women. They followed the footsteps of their parents.

Having said his family background, I honestly did not see myself in a relationship with a pastor. Well, God works in ways we cannot imagine. I must say it was a difficult decision to do, but I don’t regret it. God forbid that I do. This man taught me how to be more carefree than I used to, to laugh at things that I usually get irritated at, to see the world in a simple yet godly perspective, and to be more prayerful. We do complement each other.

I do pray that this relationship will please our Heavenly Father above all. We’re not perfect, but I do believe that God will see us through every trial and temptation. I pray that all my relationships will also be a blessing to the people involved and to others who see us. ❤

That’s it! Have a blessed day ahead! Now, I’ll go back to eating my sandwich while watching Mamma Mia. 🎶


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